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In order to avoid spamers, the link below is obfuscated in a javascript program.


email addr imageIf the above link doesn't appear, or doesn't work, contact us using "info" at this website, as shown in the image at right:

Corrections: if you find what you believe to be an error, please include the URL of the page and an approximate location on the page, so I can find it.  If possible include references to reliable sources.  I listen to all reasonable requests, although if I have to do research, it can take me a very long time to correct something.

Requests for links: please do not send requests for links unless:

  1. The main purpose of the website is green building
  2. The info on the page you suggest is not readily available elsewhere
  3. The website is not selling anything.  I will consider exceptions to this if the content if very good, but otherwise my reason is to avoid bias.

Note that if you send me I link, I will not click on it, but instead I will try to find the page from your home page. If its not easy to find....then the answer is also NO.