Panelized Walls

Panelized wall are nothing other than regular walls made in a factory instead of on-site.  The advantages are cost (due to machines and lower cost labor), potentially better use of raw material (due to computerized cut lists and better on-site sorting of cutoffs), and much shorter time spend on-site in framing, which reduces exposure to weather.  Not many businesses are offering these, so they're not available in most markets.  Some larger builders have experimented with making their own panels offsite.

In the ideal world, the factory would only need a CAD file for the building, and would generate a framing plan, and cut list from that, and possibly even cut & assemble it by machine, but the cost of equipment is high, and of course, if you're a framer, this is more of a nightmare since it eliminates most framing jobs.

For green builders, the question is whether panelized factories will every be able to produce double walls, truss walls or Larsen trusses at a competitive price.