California Cabin, 2010-2014

Location: Atascadero, CA

Setting: Rural

Orientation: 15° E of S, limited E-W axis

Shading: none

Form: 1.5 story, single family

Size: 1500SF + unheated attic

Foundation: slab on grade, full slab+perimeter XPS R4.

Walls: double 2x4, 2" gap filled with BIBS fiberglass, R30

Ceiling: 10" batts +4" of blown in where possible R, 12" BIBS fiberglass in vaulted areas.

Windows: Anderson 100 Fibrex South: double glaze U.43, SHGC .52; other: U.29, SHGC .22

Doors: fiberglass, R5 + solid mesquite front door R1

Glazing ratio: 14%, although 3.4% of it is protected by an enclosed porch

South glass: 5%

Blower door: 1.5ACH50

Heat: wood stove backup only

Hot water: Rheem Heat pump, COP 2.4

Ventilation: spot exhaust fans

Utilities: 1.8kw PV

CA cabin

 Detailed Descriptions 

Although this has doesn't have the ideal shape for passive solar and hence is short on south facing glass, it has a lot of insulation for the climate, and hence functions fairly well without central heat.  The house is also nearly 100% FSC lumber, and most of the interior wood (cabinets, trim, flooring) is either reclaimed or urban salvage.  The only wart there is that FSC plywood is not readily available.