California - People Involved

Semmes and Company:  A leading green building on the central coast, specializing in alternative and green building.  805-466-6737.  Semmes helped with some design and permitting issue and built the shell for us.  Special thanks to Paul Rose of Semmes for his patients and advice.

Jennifer Rennick, Architect: Jennifer guided us thru most of the design phase and did our title-24 analysis.

Karl Gage Construction: Karl provided invaluable finish carpentry help.

Also thanks to friends who helped with interior design, and who came to help on the site.


We used a variety of products that are not readily available, so here is a list of our suppliers.

Unusual Products

Urban Salvage Wood: Pacific Coast Lumber

Interior reclaimed wood doors - Liberty valley door

Recycled bottle lamps:

Mexican Importers

Fine Crafts & Imports: We bought the majority of our talavera tile here, and all of our baseboard tile, as well as a small assortment of other things.  They have a great selection of tile and very good prices, plus they were within driving distance. Located in Camarillo, CA.

Artesanos: We bought many of our tin light fixtures, tin switch plate covers and some of our iron hardware from them as well as some tile.  Located in Santa Fe, NM.

Tierra Y Fuego: They have probably the best selection of mexican tile in the US, but not the best prices.  We bought tile from them when no one else had what we were looking for.  Located south of San Diego in Chula Vista,

Antiqua de Mexico - We bought tin lighting and a chandelier from them. Located in Tucson, although we bough the stuff in person.

One World Tile - A small selection, but fairly good prices.  Located in Phoenix,

Luna Rustica - Our local store: we bought furniture and hardware from them. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA

Rustica  - a small stores in Tucson we bought random things from.  Rustica has a decent selection of iron hardware, and we bought many of our hinges and pulls there.

Zocalo - another small store in Tucson. Not clear we bought much there, but liked the store.