California - Performance

The house has only been occupied for one year, and that winter was unusually sunny, and probably also warmer than normal.  We only used the back-up heat from the wood stove a total of seven times all winter, and the coldest the house ever got was 68F, even on the morning it went down to 21F and the pipes partially froze.  While we didn't measure the weight of the wood used as intended, the total use was only slightly more than what fits on one of those big Rubbermaid plastic containers.

Our electric use varies when the house is occupied from a bit over 2kwh/day to negative 1khw/day, with the yearly usage being net negative.  However, the house isn't occupied in the summer.  We've yet to calculate our usage during the occupied winter months, but its likely to be a small positive usage, probably around 1kwh/day.  The biggest usage is likely the hot water tank.  So far, we've largely avoiding using the dryer but if we get a prolonged rainy period, our usage would likely go up.  On the plus side, even though most of the commonly used light fixtures use CFLS, there is still lighting efficiency to be gained.