Seattle People Involved

Sunshine Construction - Jon Alexander introduced Bob to Green building back in 1993, encouraged Bob to join the EcoBuilding Guild.  Jon is a great source of ideas on this project.  You can contact him by email at or at (206)782-4619.  His website is

Ted Granger Architects - also a long time EcoBuilding Guild member, Ted has over thirty years experience as an architect. Our process with the architects was much different than typical because we were involved in many details that clients don't usually get in to.  Since Bob is somewhat of an Architect wanna-be, he admits he's any architect's worst nightmare.   Ted handled this well, and provided many useful ideas to the project. You can contact him at or at (206)324-3726 

Re-Store - they are a Bellingham based co-op that does de-construction and salvage, and sells salvage materials in their stores in Bellingham and Seattle.  The Re-store did our de-construction.  They can be found at

Ecohaus (Environmental Home Center) -  one of only a handful of suppliers of alternative building materials, EHC specializes in materials you can't get anywhere else, largely interior finish materials.  Their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.  They're on the web at

Puget Sound Solar - they supplied my solar hot water system, as well as my PV system.  In both cases, they helped with analysis, provided options, and installed the systems.  You can contact them at (206) 706 1931 or  Their website is

Atmosphere, Inc - air tightening specialists, who also work on indoor air quality problems.  They can be found at 

Ecotope (Energy Consultants) - Ecotope supplied us with lots of valuable information, designed the heating and ventilation system and did the duct layout.  While no one wants to pay for something that normally is included in purchasing the equipment, it is extremely unlikely an HVAC contractor would have the expertise to design our system.  With that aside, we are quite happy with what they've done.  They're on the web at

2020 Engineering - these folks kindly supplied us with information about rainwater cachement.  They can be found at

At the time, the project got quite a bit of press: here is a short list.